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Stable Diffusion Has Arrived and I Am Obsessed.

Can You Believe It's Not a Photograph or Artwork?

I confess I am obsessed. The newest iteration of AI Drawing has been launched. Stable Diffusion is the most advanced text-to-image algorithm and the beta version has been released on @nightcafestudio.

The announcement has been highly anticipated, and I can say for the most part it hasn't disappointed. The clarity is superb, and the ability to reporduce the human form has improved tenfold from previous versions.

Growing Pains - Is AI at the teenage stage?

Have you ever tried to show a teenager how to use a washing machine or any other task they may not be interested in learning? In my experience they play the "you literally said that." game. They will take it to the extreme. My first experience with SD was similar. You have to be specific or it will follow your literal instructions; with not so funny results.

As an artist, I am in two minds. The results have been very 'photographic'. This is, of course, what most people were looking forward to. The current Beta release is not able to use a source image as part of the prompt, so you need to be skillful with your text input and rather knowledgable about the modifiers to get the image you want. My first